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A certified Imagination Yoga teacher uses an original story to guide student's ages 2-12 through a kids yoga class. Each adventure incorporates the physical benefits of yoga, calming and concentration techniques and kindness exercises. The National Association for Sports and Physical Education recommends 60 minutes of structured physical activity per day. Our program helps kids get to that goal while integrating the wonderful mind, body and heart benefits of yoga.

Imagination Yoga School Classes

Imagination Yoga is offered at schools across the country. The program can be introduced before, during or after school at no cost to the hosting location. Day cares, child development centers, pre-schools, public and private elementary schools have all found great benefit in offering Imagination Yoga on site.

"I love that this is from real teachers with real experience. What a great, applicable, positive program". — Jen Fuetsch, Kindergarten Teacher

Imagination Yoga Community Classes

Imagination Yoga partners with locations across the United States to bring kids yoga to the community. Gyms, yoga studios, and community centers among others have been great locations to host kids yoga classes. Interested in offering Imagination Yoga at your location, or know of a great fit?

Imagination Yoga Kids Camps

Imagination Yoga camps are lead by trained educators and yoga teachers. The camps integrate the wonderful body/mind/heart benefits of Hatha Yoga with traditional summer camp activities. At the end of each camp your child will leave feeling calm, balanced and nourished.

"Excellent! Great ideas and easily implemented. Sure to have a profound impact on our kids." — Marty Polecar, Special Education Teacher

Imagination Yoga with the Special Child

Imagination Yoga Private Instruction and small group classes are for the uniquely special child. The goal of these sessions is to help your child develop a sense of equilibrium between their body and mind. Each session is individualized to meet your child's personal needs.

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