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By teaching children at a young age to move their bodies and be kind to one another, just one person can positively impact an entire community. From teacher trainings to school in-services, yoga festivals to workshops, hundreds of adults and thousands of children have experienced Imagination Yoga and its many offerings. With respect and gratitude to all teachers that have come before, it is with much love that we continue to spread the beautiful and ancient practice of yoga to people of all ages, everywhere.

Imagination Yoga trainings have been used and implemented by; teachers, parents, yogis, those in the medical and mental health fields, as well as adults who see the benefit of introducing yoga to kids. Imagination Yoga’s trainings are offered in a modular approach. This flexibility allows students to participate in a way that fits into their lifestyle. From the teacher bringing yoga into their classroom, the parent introducing yoga into their family’s daily routine, or the person interested in starting a kids yoga business, Imagination Yoga can teach you how!

Trainings qualify for continuing education hours through the Yoga Alliance and Oregon ECE hours.

Imagination Yoga Trainings:

Imagination Yoga Teacher Training

kids yoga circle As a certified teacher you will become a member of the Imagination Yoga community and gain access to all of the knowledge and benefits offered. This fun and interactive training is an immersion into the world of kids yoga. Deepen your understanding of yoga for kids, including; yoga poses, exploring alignment, benefits, games and the Imagination Yoga Curriculums. Practice will include how to cultivate calm and kind behavior, increase physical activity, and promote concentration in a fun and developmentally appropriate way. This workshop focuses on introducing yoga to children ages 2-12.

The Certification Training includes:

  • The philosophy, science and benefits of Imagination Yoga for children ages 2-12
  • Developmentally appropriate Imagination Yoga poses, designed specifically with the interests and abilities of children in mind. Both you and the children will find confidence, strength and muscle memory within the practice of these fun and effective kids yoga poses.
  • Imagination Yoga Adventures. These original story-based yoga flows simplify things for the teacher by providing a 30-45 minute class flow that kids LOVE!
  • Imagination Yoga games to help expand the way children learn about yoga
  • Teaching techniques, tips on Storytelling and Classroom Management

You will also recieve a Complete Imagination Yoga Teacher Training Manual including:

  • Comprehensive pose pages with photos, descriptions, imaginative associations and benefits
  • Imagination Yoga Adventures (Kid Yoga Flows) and games.
  • Documentation of everything discussed in the class for future reference.
  • Lots of opportunity to practice teaching, learning how to guide students through the poses, find your own unique voice and prepare to be an Imagination Yoga in a safe and supportive environment.
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This portion of the teacher training provides you with 1, 10-week curriculum that includes adventures, games and activities. The Imagination Yoga curriculums are an easy to follow lesson plan that will inspire your students and make teaching that much easier for you.

Curriculum Training

Imagination Yoga Curriculums include:

  • A weekly guide to creatively introduce concepts in a fun, powerful and developmentally appropriate way.
  • Curriculum Activities – These activities provide you with the intention and language needed to introduce concepts such as kindness, calm and concentration to children. Utilizing simple strategies, proven techniques, memory games and guided imagery you will have all you need to teach children skills they can use for a lifetime. Children will understand what these concepts mean, but even more importantly what they FEEL like!
  • Restorative yoga – each curriculum comes with a guided restorative yoga class, children loves these days almost as much as the teachers do.
  • 8 Imagination Yoga Adventures and 2 activities that support and build on the curriculum topic.

*The teacher training includes 1 Imagination Yoga curriculum. You will have the opportunity to purchase other IY Curriculums. Curriculum topics include: Kindness, Concentration, Calm, Summer Camp

Imagination Yoga Membership

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After completing training and certification requirements you will receive:

  • Listing on Imagination Yoga website
  • Access to the IY Online Education portal to continue your growth as an IY Teacher
  • A Membership E-Manual providing:
    • Sample forms including; registration, enrollment, disclaimer forms
    • Suggestions for starting classes at schools, studios, gyms and more
  • Access to the online registration system making enrollment easy for your customers, allowing them to register at
  • Access to professionally designed signs, posters, business cards, yard signs, etc. to help you grow your business.
  • Wholesale pricing on Imagination Yoga merchandise that can be sold for profit.

*Proof of a clear background check (specific to working with children) is required to complete the Certification process.

Cost for the Training: $595.

Imagination Yoga Curriculum

Once you are a certified Imagination Yoga Teacher additional curriculums are available to you. Each curriculum comes complete with a lesson plan (including adventures and activites) that leads the teacher and the student to a place of kinesthetic understanding. For example, in the Calm Curriculum you will learn how to teach your students what calm means, what if feels like, and how to find it in times of stress. These curriculums provide intentional instruction on some of life's most important skills.

Available curriculums:

  • Kindness − More Info

    Kindness Curriculum

    Kind Hearts. Kind Words. Kind Thoughts.

    The 10-week Kindness Curriculum includes:

    • A weekly guide to creatively introduce kindness in a fun, powerful and developmentally appropriate way.
    • Kind Heart Activities − The practice of kindness and compassion through honoring the uniqueness of all beings.
    • Kind Words Activities − Learn and practice what it means to be BOLDLY KIND (both at home and at school). Being Boldly Kind is talking to the new kid at school and standing up for what you believe in. Weekly discussion and practice of using Kind Words.
    • Kind Thoughts Activities − When we are honoring our Kind Hearts and using our Kind Words, we must be thinking our Kind Thoughts! Learn to teach the power of thoughts and the importance of putting those Kind Thoughts into action.
    • 8 Imagination Yoga Adventures and 2 games that support and build on the curriculum topic.

  • Concentration − More Info

    Concentration Curriculum

    Concentration: Exercise the Mind

    The root of learning is focus. A direct link has been found between an early understanding of Concentration and success in school.

    10-week Concentration Curriculum includes:

    • A weekly guide to creatively introduce concentration in a fun, powerful and developmentally appropriate way.
    • Concentration Stone − A tried and true way of explaining what concentration means and feels like.
    • Memory Games and Guided Imagery
    • Breath and Sound as a Point-of-Focus
    • 8 Imagination Yoga Adventures and 2 games that support and build on the curriculum topic.

    * Certified Imagination Yoga Teachers will also receive Imagination Yoga Adventures that support and build on the curriculum topic.

  • Calm
  • Summer Camp
  • Business & Marketing Training − More Info

    Business & Marketing Training

    This section offers you a business model framework that provides the skills to successfully operate your own Imagination Yoga business.

    Topics covered include:

    • Marketing
      • Key Influencers and how to contact them
      • Overview of Imagination Yoga’s Marketing Kit and how to use it
      • Social Media strategy
    • Business and Operations
      • How to find locations to teach your Imagination Yoga classes
      • Sample classroom management forms including: rosters, registration, enrollment and liability release forms are reviewed in detail.
      • Sample financial forms including: invoices and balance sheets are also reviewed.

    This class is taught by business professionals with years of experience operating their own Imagination Yoga businesses. We invite you to join us as we share best practices that will help you get your Imagination Yoga business off to a great start.

 2 hour workshop − Inspiring Kids to Move

This workshop is perfect for Parents, Teachers and Yogi's alike. You will learn Imagination Yoga poses (appropriate for children ages 2-12), one Imagination Yoga Adventure and lots of creative ways to teach children about kindness, concentration, calm and breath. The class will review the NASPE recommendations for physical activity for this age group, as well as, the physical, cognitive, social/emotional, language benefits of Imagination Yoga. You will leave this workshop inspired, energized and full of new ideas.

Cost: varies by location

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 2 hour workshop − Teaching Kids Kindness, Calm and Concentration through Yoga

Teaching children at a young age to move their bodies and be kind to one another, one person can positively impact an entire community. This class provides intentional instruction on some of life’s most important skills; kindness, calm and concentration. Yoga poses, activities and games are explored. Come ready to move and have fun! Yoga mats provided, no experience necessary.

Cost: varies by location

On-Site School In-service

Imagination Yoga can be offered on site for your next school in-service. WE come to your location, provide yoga mats and all materials, including certificates of completion (valid towards continuing education requirements in some states). Choose from one of the 2 hour workshop above, or let us work with you to come up with a curriculum that meets your centers needs. Workshop avail be from 2-8 hours. Contact Us to schedule.

Cost: varies by location and number of participants.